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The Weekend…and should we Patreon for voluntary support?

A fun "Mostly Request Thursday" today with Jim and Justin. Tomorrow in the air-chair from 9 to noon it's Barry Scott's Lost 45's.  He's got a great show lined Co-Host Stephen Bishop chats about his hits including “On and On” and movie songs he was involved with from “Animal House” to “Tootsie”—plus people he worked with including Eric Clapton, Donna Summer, Phil Collins and Barbra Streisand. You can also […]

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Insert Buzzer Here…

This is Wednesday, the day we do "trivia" on the J and J Midday show.  We're reycling last week's question, changing only the TENSE. As in, "What WAS in Justin's pocket? (ast week it read what IS in Justin's pocket)  Lots of great guesses have come in through 616-527-WION which you can use for voice calls OR texting!  It's just after 11AM when I post this, and no answer going […]

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It’s a Text Topic Tuesday!

  Welcome to WION's "Text Topic Tuesday"..... While we don't promise to stay on just "one" topic, Justin and I were talking ahead of the show about TV Situation Comedies, ("sitcoms.) So what is your favorite Sitcom....or ....what do you believe to be the BEST Sitcom ...EVER? If you're nominating for best EVER, let us know why.  Is it the writing?  Contribution by a particular actor or "actorene" (as Jim […]

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Jim Blog

Welcome to WION’s New Website! (Jim gets wordy here)

It's been long overdue, I'll admit...but I believe it's been worth the wait!  The "former" website of our station was designed about a decade ago, before smartphones were common, before tablets were everywhere, and...when the PC was the main place people got internet information.  In it's day I was proud of being webmaster and designing it, linking pages, and making things "work" behind the scenes.  Editing was all kept on […]

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Statewide Tornado Drill This Week.

Despite the fact Mother Nature doesn't seem to know Spring is, for all intents and purposes "here"....with winter weather advisories just days ahead of the official "Spring" on the calendar, perk your ears to this! The State of Michigan is conducting it's yearly Statewide Tornado Drill on March 22nd, (supposedly) at 1PM EDT.  You can read more about this yearly drill here. Local municipalities in the WION listening area may, […]

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WION Fan Mail!

Nothing makes our day at WION more than people taking time to e-mail or text us from far away! Last week we had no less than THREE fan letters...(unsolicited.) Some people write us because our music selections are wider than ANY corporate station in our area, or far away.  Some people write because they enjoy the "sound" of AM stereo online.  You see, AM radio has been given a bad […]

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Jim at the controls


A look behind the scenes of WION!

Click on the title above for a fun look behind the scenes of WION! Thanks to Shango066, who brings us a very detailed look behind the scenes of America's Biggest Little Radio Station!  We hope you enjoy this look behind the curtain which shows how WION works and gets to you!

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Fun Alexa Tip!

The Amazon Alexa has made it easy to listen to WION... well sometimes it makes it easy!  How many times have you said "Alexa play WION" only to have it play a different station? Sometimes we think Alexa has a hearing problem. But we have a great solution to the problem, we made our own "Skill" for Alexa.  With our skill installed you just say "Alexa Play AM Stereo" and […]

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