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Welcome to WION’s New Website! (Jim gets wordy here)

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It’s been long overdue, I’ll admit…but I believe it’s been worth the wait!  The “former” website of our station was designed about a decade ago, before smartphones were common, before tablets were everywhere, and…when the PC was the main place people got internet information.  In it’s day I was proud of being webmaster and designing it, linking pages, and making things “work” behind the scenes.  Editing was all kept on my local laptop, and if the site had an issue, we would RE-upload the whole thing.

My how times have changed.

Most regular listeners know my feelings on Facebook. I maintain a personal one only for the purpose of sharing pictures of Isabelle, my dear little furry family member, and my occasional updates of the latest vintage electronics I’ve found for my collection or ones I’m repairing.  We removed WION from Facebook a few years ago, with very few people missing it.  I am also certain that views of Facebook are declining as it becomes more and more of a political toilet of “You vs. Me”  and….to those who think their “advertising” is effective on FB, again…remember…you get what you pay for!   Here’s a great example:  A few years back, our local Chamber of Commerce announced the winners of a downtown lighting contest on Facebook…. but Facebook didn’t see fit to tell US about it til a few days AFTER.  Facebook decides what you see and WHEN you get to see it. THEY decide what ads are delivered to your feed, even if you’re PAYING for real ads!

With our own domain which we’ve had since 2004, and an updated website WE can tell you about more current things. About our shows, their content, calls we’ve had, trivia, and you now have a place to keep CURRENT with WION, and we’ll do our best to keep our posts updated.

So now, please…poke around!  Get to know the people Jim and Justin talk about on the midday show, like our engineers, Isabelle, Steve the Voice Guy, and others who all contribute to WION.  Use our new contact form to drop us a note now and then, or to tell us about a non-profit event.  Follow our “show notes” (blog) for “all things WION”…including midday show fun, notes regarding local things discussed on the air, trivia, and more.  Expect to hear some “tech” tips and news from Scott, our Internet Manager who has spent SO many hours developing this site. Drop him a note to thank him!

It’s taken hours and hours of work by Scott, and by yours truly to get this site going!  It’s a “live” site and will grow with time, and will not age like the former.  Yes, there will be some bugs here and there, but..we hope you’ll enjoy the NEW online player, the “now playing” on each page, the popout player you can use anytime, the online weather center, and so much more.  You never know, Justin from the midday show may even post a special trivia clue now and then for our online friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen  (cuz that’s the way I like it said….)





Written by: Jim Carlyle

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  1. Scott Greczkowski on March 20, 2023

    Jim what better way to say Happy 70th Birthday to WION and celebrate the start of spring, but with a brand new website!

    I was my pleasure to undertake this project and bring us to where we are now!

    You have a very special radio station, a station like no other! Its time to show it off!

    Happy Birthday WION!

  2. Pete Fox on March 21, 2023

    Enjoy the new website, it’s good to be able to see the faces of the staff! Also like the Jim’s blog.