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Your (email) Voice can help keep AM radio in Cars!

If you've followed the 'AM in (new) car issue, you know that Ford Motor Company recently reversed their direction and agreed to "install" AM in their new digital dashboards with an "over the air" software update.  Thus, it's not that tough to INCLUDE AM in cars coming off today's assembly lines.   That was ONE victory, but there are still other manufacturers doing business in the United States that need to […]

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Justin’s your host this week and FORD KEEPS AM RADIO FOR 2024!

Greetings from "one" of the J's  (Jim) of the J and J Midday show. Justin is your host for the remainder of this week, as I'm on vacation for a couple days visiting familiy.  He'll have your "WOW" (winning on Wednesday, formerly known as Trivia Wednesdays) and, the "Mostly Request Thursday" for you as well!  Please keep him company with lots of texts and e-mails, or calls to 616-527-WION. The […]

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More of AM radio in EV’s and new cars-WRDN and News Nation

As you know, WION is following and was part-of the West Michigan story about keeping AM radio as "standard" in new vehicles, both EV and non-EV.  Today, Brian Winnekins of our "sister" 1430 in Durand, Wisconsin was interviewed on News Nation. FOR MORE RESOURCES AND WAYS YOU CAN HELP AM RADIO REMAIN IN VEHICLES,  VISIT OUR "SAVE AM RADIO" (IN VEHICLES) PAGE BY CLICKING THIS LINK.  

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Wednesday’s Trivia Answer, and Looking to the Weekend on WION!

From yesterday's "Win on Wednesday" during the J and J Midday show, our trivia had a near record amount of texts. The question was: Stored on 500 gigabyte hard drives, and STACKED, this would be over 8 times taller than Mount Everest. What is the DATA that is being stored in "said" drives? The answer:  (from "Business Insider) They (Amazon) have 1.5 billion items listed for sale and 200 million […]

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(Lack of ) AM Radio in new vehicles brings WOOD-TV to WION

Tonight in the 7PM WOOD-TV news, WION radio will be part of a report on how automakers are, in some cases, removing AM radio from vehicles, especially the EV's the government is pushing down our throats. Joe LaFurgey and his cameraman joined the J and J midday show today and took some footage of how WE do things, and the main story was handled by our good friend and "Sister […]

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Listen this Weekend on Any Device, Anywhere…

...assuming the internet that it has recovered from Thursday's rather large "burp." Join us Friday morning from 9 to noon and again Saturday night 6 to 9PM, both airings of Barry's show brought to you by the Lamplight Grill in Downtown Ionia.  Barry, "what's coming up this week?" We celebrate the birth date of legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach with an unusual show (even for us) featuring virtually every charted […]

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Without Internet in the area today? You’re not alone…

Early in to our 9AM hour of the J and J Midday Show, Charter/Spectrum went down. At WION we like redundancy, and the only loss of service was to Lowell's transmitter site as the ONLY way we can get our audio there is via TWO internet compannies, Charter/Spectrum in Ionia and Comcast in Lowell.  We're required to shut down if no audio is on the air, so it is shut […]

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Picture borrowed and enjoyed from "" Topic #1  Are you a "morning person" or not a "morning person? Simple little question....that we all can relate-to. Scroll down and "comment" on this if you like!

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