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What does Jim Carlyle do in his spare time?

You may have heard Jim Carlye on the radio over the past nearly 20 years talk about his love of "vintage" electronics.  The studios of WION have many vintage radios, some unique TV sets, and other oddities on display that came from his home when he moved to Ionia. Hello!  It's me, Jim. ...and the latest of my projects is two vintage TV sets from teh 1960's. They're appropriately called […]

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Statewide Tornado Drill This Week.

Despite the fact Mother Nature doesn't seem to know Spring is, for all intents and purposes "here"....with winter weather advisories just days ahead of the official "Spring" on the calendar, perk your ears to this! The State of Michigan is conducting it's yearly Statewide Tornado Drill on March 22nd, (supposedly) at 1PM EDT.  You can read more about this yearly drill here. Local municipalities in the WION listening area may, […]

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WION Fan Mail!

Nothing makes our day at WION more than people taking time to e-mail or text us from far away! Last week we had no less than THREE fan letters...(unsolicited.) Some people write us because our music selections are wider than ANY corporate station in our area, or far away.  Some people write because they enjoy the "sound" of AM stereo online.  You see, AM radio has been given a bad […]

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