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todayMarch 18, 2023 25 1

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Nothing makes our day at WION more than people taking time to e-mail or text us from far away! Last week we had no less than THREE fan letters…(unsolicited.)

Some people write us because our music selections are wider than ANY corporate station in our area, or far away.  Some people write because they enjoy the “sound” of AM stereo online.  You see, AM radio has been given a bad rap by station operators who don’t pay attention to quality and, by big-city corporations that think AM radio is the “bastard child” of broadcasting. It’s not, and we’ve proven it!  In fact, we have set the bar quite high for sound quality and content now, over 18 years!

Remember, if you’re listening online that beautiful stereo sound is REAL AM radio, in REAL stereo, broadcast to you from a tuner in my office.  We’re very proud of our engineers who make this possible, and hope you’ll visit their pages here on our new website!

Now…on to the emails!  And….Keep ’em coming!  or, use our new contact form here on this site.


Here’s another….


Written by: Jim Carlyle Admin

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