The J and J Midday Show with Jim and Justin

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Jim and Justin are the “J and J Midday Show” on WION. (Left to right above it’s Justin then Jim)  Jim was at the helm of WION’s weekday morning show for 15 years, then decided middays suited him better!  So, weekday mornings still has music and information, just no Jim.

Justin joined WION in early 2021, training on the midday show, and just “stayed!”  The quick banter btween the two, along with some “themed” days bring you lots of fun and good company as you work through the later part of your morning!  Often the show may start one topic and, in-between songs end up completely somewhere else. It’s unscripted, non-polticial midday company for businesses, people on the road, and those who want something different than “corporate” radio.

“The on-air conversation just WORKS”…says Jim Carlyle, Owner and Program Director of WION.  We get texts from all over the country with our online listeners, and emails from other countries regularly!”

Mondays are “anything goes”, then there’s “Text Topic Tuesday” followed by Wednesday’s Trivia theme, and the show offers a “Mostly Request Thursday!”  On Friday mornings, Barry Scott and his “Lost 45’s” will keep listeners company.

The J and J Midday Show with Jim and Justin crew

On Air Personality

Jim Carlyle

Jim's been operator of WION for over 18 years, bought it in 2004 when it was "off the air" and needing an owner. He's prouf of the team that brings radio to life in the walls of WION, and is co-host of the J and J Midday Host.



The youngest 12 year old dog in radio history! Has a sister named Jasmine. Has the run of the radio station during business hours and is our greeter.

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