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Jim Blog

Congrats to the Oakwood Lounge, Pewamo-a place with GREAT Taste!

Tell the Oakwood you "read this on the radio!" I'm pretty picky about my burgers...and my Chili.  The Oakwood Lounge answers my needs in Eastern Ionia County with the BEST burgers since the Lamplight in Ionia!  We congratulate them on 1 year of being reopened...with GREAT service, a friendly environment, great food, and your favorite summer beverages, too!  Congratulations from WION! -Carlyle

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Jim Blog

Kindness on a Back Road

A wonderful combination of (my definition) "Americana" and Kindness captured yesterday near St. Louis, MI on my way to pick up a transmitter from our engineer. I had to turn around and take the video and picture. These people had to bother PUTTING the old car on their lawn, stocking the "free" produce in the trunk, and make it inviting. Kindness on a back road. Nothing more.  Just that. Simple […]

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Results of Searching “WION Radio” On the Web…

It's Sunday afternoon. I'm dogsitting for Isabelle's sister, Jasmine. Last week was an AWFUL week for any technology so I'm avoiding it religiously today, except for typing on my personal laptop, the one WITHOUT any WION emails or work-related tasks. It's a rest-the-brain and no-radio kind of day. So, just for fun, I "Googled" WION Radio. got some neat results. Some I knew were out there, some not.  This is […]

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Lowell’s Weatherstation is Back Online and Updates for the weekend

Good News for Lowell!  The "Broadcast Hill" weatherstation, located on Lowell's City broadcast site near the NE water plant is back online!  You can get the latest weather forecasts, rain total, wind speed, temperature, and more from this cooperative effort between WION and the City of Lowell.  It's available on our website anytime on the link adjacent to WION's studio link on our main page!  You can copy the link if […]

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