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What a Difference Nineteen Years Makes to a Radio Station!

Where have the years gone??  We've just passed our 19 year mark ....saving and reviving Ionia County's radio station. The re-birth of WION as "today's" I-1430, or AM Stereo 1430, or "America's Biggest Little Radio Station"...(pick your favorite descriptor) began in August of 2004. The station was off the air from the passing of the former owner and the timeclock running out.  When a licensed broadcast station is off the […]

todaySeptember 11, 2023 45

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Kindness on a Back Road

A wonderful combination of (my definition) "Americana" and Kindness captured yesterday near St. Louis, MI on my way to pick up a transmitter from our engineer. I had to turn around and take the video and picture. These people had to bother PUTTING the old car on their lawn, stocking the "free" produce in the trunk, and make it inviting. Kindness on a back road. Nothing more.  Just that. Simple […]

todayAugust 12, 2023 45 9

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Corporate America vs. Local Ownership in our area…

Interesting how buyouts of one small company by another in the name of growth, expansion, or better service often end much differently than expected.  I remember the first time I worked with a company that got bought out, and it was partially my fault, perhaps, but without my decision we may not be talking today.  I worked in a family-owned "rent to own" and retail store, selling and renting TVs, […]

todayJuly 30, 2023 64 6

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WION Thanks Team Members….and Listeners…

It's no secret to our listeners that the last week or so has been "technologically challenging" at our studios and at Lowell's "Broadcast Hill." It has tried my patience more than you can know, even though I've shared some of the frustrations with you during the J and J Midday Show. First it was Spectrum's poorly-deployed/poorly designed system that needs a SECOND box attached to our cable modem to provide […]

todayJuly 24, 2023 26 8

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Welcome to WION’s New Website! (Jim gets wordy here)

It's been long overdue, I'll admit...but I believe it's been worth the wait!  The "former" website of our station was designed about a decade ago, before smartphones were common, before tablets were everywhere, and...when the PC was the main place people got internet information.  In it's day I was proud of being webmaster and designing it, linking pages, and making things "work" behind the scenes.  Editing was all kept on […]

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