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The J and J Midday Show with Jim and Justin

Jim and Justin are the "J and J Midday Show" on WION. (Left to right above it's Justin then Jim)  Jim was at the helm of WION's weekday morning show for 15 years, then decided middays suited him better!  So, weekday mornings still has music and information, just no Jim. Justin joined WION in early 2021, training on the midday show, and just "stayed!"  The quick banter btween the two, […]

Isabelle came to Jim Carlyle at 10 years old in 2020.  She’s part of the WION staff now, often contributing the sound of her bark, her tags, and her playful chewing of the ball on the air during the midday show.  She’s also the station watchdog, and comes with Jim to work every day.  Listeners have asked for her to have her own time on the air with us, and sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s not.  She “owns” Jim Carlyle, and seems happiest when invited guests come to the studio, or at home with Jim and his friends.

Truth be known, she was a stray…reported on Facebook to a local group. When Jim’s buddy “Leftlane” started getting texts asking if HIS dog was loose and the answer was no, “Lane” looked  at the posts and was determined that this dog (Isabelle) was sister to his. “Littermate.” Isabelle spent a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the local shelter, then “Lane” went to see her. She came right up to him behind the fence in the kennel, and they agreed to have him take her in case the dogs were sisters. The chips verified identical ages, there is one common birthmark, and they ARE, indeed sisters. Reunited between ownership by two buddies after so many years.  Jim often says, “It’s like a bad Disney Movie”…Truth be known, when you add up the chance that Isabelle would be loose, then in need of a new home, and find her way through “Leftlane” and the local shelter to Jim is nothing short of a heaven-sent gift, and very much  meant to be.  The Late Pastor Ken harger would have called it, “a divine appointment.”

Isabelle has proven to Jim Carlyle, and hopefully to others, that an “Elderly” pet is not a bad thing. They deserve good homes as they age as much as the cute little young puppies do!

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