Scott Greczkowski
Manager of all things "Internet." He prefers Mary Ann to Ginger.

Scott Greczkowski

Scott Greczkowski

You may know Scott Greczkowski from his popular web site SatelliteGuys.US which is one of America’s Largest Home Theater Technology forums. Formed 20 years ago it has grown from a place where people discussed Satellite TV technology and has grown to a friendly place where you can talk about almost anything.

While running SatelliteGuys Scott becme friend with WION’s Jim Carlyle who was often found in the SatelliteGuys Free To Air satellite section.  After awhile Jim let Scott listen to WION’s private engineering feed which was online, and instantly Scott was hooked on WION, who believed and still believes to this day that WION is a station the other stations should be emulating, with live local broadcasts, a powerful sound and a great selection of music and news. Scott finally had to meet Jim and Phil and took the trip from Connecticut to Ionia.

Scott and Jim at one of WION's Satellite Dish.(WION’s own Jim Carlyle and a 50 pound heavier Scott Greczkowski in front of one of WION’s Satellite Dishes.)

While meeting with Jim, Scott finally convinved Jim to stream WION to the world!  Little did Scott know at the time that he would soon be volunteering to help keep “America’s Biggest Little Radio Station” (A nickname given to WION by Scott) streaming online!  Over the past 10 years since we have been streaming WION there have been lots of changes in the technology, laws and licensing for which Scott has worked to keep WION in compliance and thus online for all.  Whenever these is a change in rules for streaming and licensing a nervous Jim contacts Scott and asks “what now?

To which Scott always replies, “don’t worry Jim I will take care of it!”   And he has.  Why does he do it?  H loves WION and is always listening at his home in Connecticut.  Without ever living in Ionia he considers Ionia his second home and probably knows more about whats going on in Ionia than people who live here and don’t listen to WION.

With WION turning 70 Scott started working on a new website for WION (which you are on now.)  Of course when he started on it he had no idea WION was turning 70.  But on the morning of WION’s 70’s birthday Scott sent Jim the link for the new site he’s been working on and here we are!  This new website has SO MANY features that are designed for radio stations, that we are not even using half of them yet!

Besides being our Internet Manager here at WION Scott loves radio and helping others, in fact he helps three other stations with their streaming and live broadcasts.  He is married to his wife Eva and has two kids (Zack and Richard).  Scott and his wife are dog lovers and breed purebreed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies.  When they have puppies their Puppies of Newington PuppyCam is enjoyed by people around the world and has been featured on radio and tv shows around the globe.

Scott reporting for WION from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)(Scott broadcasting from CES in Las Vegas for WION)

Scott enjoys going on long cruises with his wife and knowing that people from around the world are listening and enjoying “America’s Biggest Little Radio Station” WION!

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