The J and J Midday Show with Jim and Justin

Jim and Justin are the "J and J Midday Show" on WION. (Left to right above it's Justin then Jim)  Jim was at the helm of WION's weekday morning show for 15 years, then decided middays suited him better!  So, weekday mornings still has music and information, just no Jim. Justin joined WION in early 2021, training on the midday show, and just "stayed!"  The quick banter btween the two, […]

  • Justin (29)
    Crafted and brewed locally this heady stout starts mellow and expresses fiery notes with an overall nuttiness and full bodied humor.
  • 2-plus years co-hosting the “J and J Midday Show”
  • Avid punster-often catching Jim Carlyle off-guard.
  • Owns Ginsu knives, the Pocket Fisherman, Mr. Microphone, and other “As seen on TV” items.
  • Loves to go “off the playlist” when filling in for the J and J “pair” if Jim is away.
  • Can Juggle Isabelle’s green “Play Balls” much to Isabelle’s dislike.
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