Your (email) Voice can help keep AM radio in Cars!

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If you’ve followed the ‘AM in (new) car issue, you know that Ford Motor Company recently reversed their direction and agreed to “install” AM in their new digital dashboards with an “over the air” software update.  Thus, it’s not that tough to INCLUDE AM in cars coming off today’s assembly lines.   That was ONE victory, but there are still other manufacturers doing business in the United States that need to be told that is, indeed, important to YOU.

The people who oversee and direct this type of issue are on the “Energy and Commerce Committee”.  They’re holding a hearing on this AM Radio issue on June 6th. You can submit your thoughts to them on the importance of AM Radio (and WION specifically if you want) by clicking here.  If the link doesn’t work for you, you can directly email:  energy.commerce@mail.house.gov

AM Radio is still the voice of many small towns, like ours here in Ionia and West Central Michigan, Still employs people locally in many cases, and…it helps promote local businesses.  We’d welcome your filing comments with the committee and letting them know how important it is to keep access to AM in new vehicles!  Even if you’re not buying a vehicle right away, a few years down the road, you don’t want to buy a vehicle and find “after the fact” that it had no AM radio!

Here are two links to the information on the hearings coming up, in which YOUR voice needs to be heard.

E&C Bipartisan Leaders to Hold Hearing on AM Radio on June 6 (house.gov)

E&C Bipartisan Leaders Announce Plans for Hearing on AM Radio (house.gov)

Written by: Jim Carlyle

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