Without Internet in the area today? You’re not alone…

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Early in to our 9AM hour of the J and J Midday Show, Charter/Spectrum went down.

At WION we like redundancy, and the only loss of service was to Lowell’s transmitter site as the ONLY way we can get our audio there is via TWO internet compannies, Charter/Spectrum in Ionia and Comcast in Lowell.  We’re required to shut down if no audio is on the air, so it is shut down as of this writing and will come back up when the internet stabilizes.

We suspected it was larger than just a “local” outage due to the length of it.  Ironically, Spectrum sends emails out when outages affect customers.   This will be a piece of news you’ll hear as the day wears on, maybe even on the nightly news on TV (if anyone watches that anymore.)

Confirmation came in when our internet streaming manager told us that “Level 3 ” was having trouble.  Level 3 serves a much larger area and many more companies than just our local “Spectrum”

At WION, we maintain a backup internet service which made finding this information easier, and our Streaming Manager Scott (see his page on this website) was able to help us know what the problem is….and, thanks to Starlink, (the Elon Musk internet service) WION still has ability to edit this website, take texts from listeners, and communciate via email.

We’ll bring Lowell back online when the ‘net is stable and 100.3 will be restored.


Written by: Jim Carlyle

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