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It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m dogsitting for Isabelle’s sister, Jasmine.
Last week was an AWFUL week for any technology so I’m avoiding it religiously today, except for typing on my personal laptop, the one WITHOUT any WION emails or work-related tasks. It’s a rest-the-brain and no-radio kind of day.

So, just for fun, I “Googled” WION Radio. got some neat results. Some I knew were out there, some not.  This is just SOME of what came up this afternoon.  How COOL to take time and see how we are woven into part of a bigger world!

In Radio World Magazine.
Lowell’s First Look online newspaper from when we started 100.3 FM
From the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in 2021
Is our stream really from an AM tuner we do it for “AM quality awareness”
In the Los Angeles Daily News  (thank you Richard Wagoner )
On WOOD-TV about AM being removed by ignorant Automakers
In the Sentinel-Standard News “paper” on our Treasures for Troops
In the Los Angeles Daily News (Treasures for Troops via Richard Wagoner)
WOOD TV-8 a few years ago, and how we said “no” to non-Federal Political ads
A hobbyist group re: WION’s testing of sound quality after mods to our night array.
SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers) yearly picnic at our WION studios
on “Used Cows Dot Com” w/ “I am Cow!” (by Canadian group the Arrogant Worms)
2018 FOX 17 piece on Treasures for Troops
And, because I don’t know how to NOT have this youtube link show up, this one is last….
On Youtube with the studio tour (thank you to Shango066)

See you from 9AM to noon tomorrow for an “Anything Goes” kind-of Monday on the J and J Midday show with Justin….on WION


Written by: Jim Carlyle

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