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Normally a “Text Topic Tuesday”…today we played extra music from Gordon Lightfoot including a special “extra” edition of “The Lost 45 of the day” with Barry Scott….featuring the history of Gordon’s song, “Carefree Highway.”  We thank Barry Scott for his extra work today, and look forward to more tributes to Gordon Lightfoot this weekend on his regular 3-hour show, “The Lost 45’s” Friday at 9 AM and Saturday at 6PM.

Justin was absent from the J and J Midday show today a bit under the weather with allergies and lack of voice.  It’s a curse all announcers fear.  We wish him well and hope he’ll be with us for a “Win on Wednesday” tomorrow.  It’ll either be trivia or a “what’s in Justin’s pocket” kind of question. You’ll have to tune-in to find out on Wedneday for the J and J Midday show.

On Thursday, we’ll chat by phone with representatives from the Tri-River Historical Museum Network about their “Spring into the Past” museum tour. Be sure and join us on our “Mostly Request Thursday” then take in this yearly event!

Now, for our “Sarcasm of the day” from the official Sarcasm Calendar 2023, a gift to Jim Carlyle at Christmas from WION’s “Steve the Voice Guy.”  (see? he is REAL…and has his own page on our website!!)  ENJOY!

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Written by: Jim Carlyle

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Sad news for the Music World…Gordon Lightfoot passes

As posted on our friend Barry Scott's Lost 45's Page this evening.... The album below has to be my favorite of his, having traveled many miles in many vehicles over many years enjoying his storytelling style which added so much to the miles.  I'm sure we'll be playing much of his music on Tuesday and the remainder of the week on WION. -Carlyle  

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