“Ralph, The Engineer”



It’s true!  Ralph is a radio host!  Not at WION, but at the station he’s an owner-of, WGDN Radio in Gladwin, MI.  If you like classic country music, you owe it to yourself to listen on Saturday nights to WGDN….when traveling through the area, or…online!  Check out his show.  On the other side of the equipment is the sweetest lady on earth, “Betty” who answers phones and texts for Ralph and just has an aura of kindness to her unparalleled in most folks. If you call-in a request to him on Saturdays at WGDN, you’ll likely meet Betty on the phone.

Ralph was here with us when we fired up the station, as he and Engineer ET fired up the old transmitter…and ultimately put us ON the air!  He’s the one person that doesn’t fear the engineering automation system which changes our power and pattern for the AM signal, and knows just HOW to talk to it!  (without it talking BACK!)

Ralph our engineer measuring WION’s frequency the day WION was rescued from the dead

Ralph is the “Clark Kent” of broadcasting engineers. Never angry, never upset, level headed…..but when asked about being “Clark Kent” all we were told is…..”perhaps, but…you don’t want to see me in a phone booth!”

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