Show host, Commercial Voice, Mover of heavy objects.

“Popeye” John



Popeye John’s Classic Rock Monday Night

Poepeye's show started on Friday nights, then moved to Mondays where you can catch him now, 6 to 9 PM. He's been a volunteer on the air for quite some time, and can be reached via "" for requests ahead of each Monday's 3 hour collection of classic rock.   You can also text his show ahead of time at 616-527-WION (the studio text line.)

Popeye John joined the WION team in an unexpected way….
He’s an excellent Kitchen Manager, Cook, Chef….and brought out a meal to our WION team one evening.  He seemed proud of his physique, and …we took advantage of that!  He wanted to see the radio station, so…we asked him to come move some “heavy items” around in the studio during a remodel, and he DID!

John’s quite the versatile character….learned our software, our studios, and he volunteered to work with the afternoon show for a few years, then was given his own evening Classic Rock show which he still does today. Along the way, he’s volunteered for our “Treasures for Troops” yearly campaign with the Blue Star Mothers (as shown below)….and continues to help out whenever his (real, paying) job permits.  We’re not sure he likes his picture being taken during a show, however. In fact, we thought of “captioning” the one above for just that reason.


Captions, anyone?  

Popeye John at the Moose Lodge in Ionia, during a Treasures for Troops broadcast.

Popeye and “The Tin Man” during a broadcast from Ionia’s (now closed) Sears store, during the annual “Wizard of Oz Festival.”

Ionia Public Schools’ Sup’t Ben Gurk hands pounds of letters to Popeye John during another year’s “Treasures for Troops” Charity broadcast.

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