Other Voices You Hear on WION….


Russ Martin.    Friend of Jim Carlyle, voice of the afternoon show on Hillsdale’s “The Dale”,  Former WCSR news Director, Crazy enough to take road trips with Jim now and then, usually to buy electronic equipment.  You hear him on many commercials   And…if you want to follow him and catch him performing his own and other music, look him up on Facebook!  He puts on a great evening of music in southern Michigan and Northern Indiana and Ohio, sometimes even many states away! His personal “music” website is here!


Phil Cloud.  Phil has worked with every owner of WION since the first.  He’s a farmer, State contractor, in Sales for WION, and the voice of many of his agricultural and other local clients.  You may hear him now and then when he calls the midday show with a fun anecdote, story, or point-to-make,  and he’s known in the area for having operated “Krazy Acres” in Muir for many years on his farm. 

Chris Gerard.   Chris worked in our studios for a number of years, producing programming, as production manager (making commercials, etc.) and really got his “feet wet” here at WION. He hails from the Lowell area and LOVES to be the voice of Lowell commercials because of that!  He first came to our studios touring with a young-people’s Ham Radio club under the direction of Al Eckman, who still runs the Low Power FM station with the students at Lowell Area High School.

These days, Chris resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife, two lazy cats and one overly-enthusiastic dog. In his spare time, you’ll find him kayaking on the Tennessee River, running, cycling, or working on some hare-brained (his words)  DIY prroject at home.

We’re glad our paths crossed and his voice is still available to us on WION!


Bob Flynn.  You hear Bob on such famous radio creations as, “Ode to Spring”……and, “Pumpkin Spiced Radio” among other occasional sponsor messages and wacky contributions to WION.  Bob has been heard as one of our weather forecast voices,  broadcast from many of our past community Expo events, and is still part of the WION family, though he’s very busy in radio in a galaxy far…..far…..away…..called “Hillsdale.”   If you’re down near the state line, listen for him weekday afternoons on 92.1 FM….and, we’re glad Bob is part of the WION family.


Chad Z.   Chad and Jim Carlyle have worked together off and on for over 25 years.  Chad was first to produce Jim’s morning show when it went “on the road” during Jim’s Angola, IN years… Chad loves being the exclusive voice for us of the Ionia Moose Lodge, and helps us with voicing other local business messages, especially during busy holiday and “event” times.

Chad, like jim, collects some older radios and electronics, and has been in radio in Terre Haute, IN, in Wisconsin, (and of course Angola, IN years ago as we mentioned) and now works full-time with
local 9-1-1 dispatch near his home, and with EMS.

He also loves any vintage “Sinclair” (gas station) items,  and argues with Jim about whether “Hokey (radio) is IN”……


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