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“Greg, the Engineer” -our AM Stereo Expert


Sitting in for “Greg, the Engineer” is a picture of  our AM Stereo Transmitter, pumping out its 120-ish percentage positive modulation, driven by some “secret sauce” AM audio processing which Greg designed.   Our AM stereo expert found US on the web a few years ago and wrote an e-mail complimenting our sound.  He then wanted to come visit and make some modifications to our processing, and we were happy to accept his knowledge and a visit!  Since then, WION has been the “Best sounding AM Station in the Nation”…and with good reason.  Greg and his wife are  now part of our extended family behind the scenes at WION, visiting Ionia frequently and always bringing new ways to improve WION, interesting tales of engineering in broadcasting, and a smile to the staff!

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