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Barry Scott of “The Lost 45’s”


The Lost 45’s with Barry Scott

It was a Sunday morning when Jim Carlyle, WION's station Manager/PD was watching "CBS Sunday Morning." He found that when CBS' Sunday show did a feature on an artist, even one he didn't particularly care-for, that his level of respect for that person or group, AND his view of the music changed. So, before the CBS show was over, Jim was searching for a radio feature program that would highlight […]

Barry Scott joined the WION lineup and team to add some “behind the scenes” information and interviews to the music you hear on our station.  We’re proud to say that much of what many stations have “lost” we still PLAY, but you won’t find an episode of Barry’s show that doesn’t bring you some “demo” version, or some “foreign” recording, or even something that may have never been released, you just never KNOW!

Barry’s show is a perfect fit to WION so don’t miss it!  Barry loves to get email from our listeners, and tells Jim Carlyle that our station is one of the most “active” listenerships he has.  We take that as quite a compliment, given that Barry chooses every station on which his show resides.  SO glad to have him in the WION family!

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