Local, FREE (AM) Broadcast Radio Needs Your Support!


There’s some disturbing trends in industries related directly to your local radio station!

There are some car manufacturers, who despite now charging upwards of twice what some of us remember as “normal” car prices are either already removing, or threatening to remove AM radio from their dashboards.   Now, I’ll grant you that in the case of WiON, we have (two) FM signals, but each one is DESIGNED for limited coverage to areas that our nighttime AM signal cannot cover. Also, these FM’s are not “protected” by the FCC and can be in some cases, challenged and silenced by those owning “full size” signals.  There’s also the argument that we now “stream” and you can take us along by bluetooth to your dashboard.  This is true, but…it’s also a cost per listener per hour to any station you choose, AND, we challenge you to go out to more open areas like “out west” and where there’s no cell signal, you won’t be enjoying WION or other streaming stations.

Car manufacturers say that their hybrid and “EV” models that the government is pushing SO hard to sell to us make too much “noise” for AM to work inside the vehicle….which is an EXCUSE. There are some  (partial/full) electric vehicles already on the road with decent AM reception.  AND…if a vehicle is creating THAT much noise that AM is not usable, chances are you’ll know it when you pull up next to one, PLUS they are breaking the FCC’s “part 15” rules about not causng harfmul interference to other devices which includes the radio in YOUR  present car.

It’s amazing how people take for granted things in their lives until the threat of them not being there is raised. This is the case with AM radio in your new cars, and the EV’s the government is trying to push down your throat while simultaneously removing your choices in what DRIVES the car you drive.  AM radio does not have to be a casualty of it.  We at WION know how GREAT AM can sound, as we lead in the nation, maybe the world in how a small 10khz wide signal can bring music to life while enriching the sound of the human voice, not squashing it to “phone line quality.”  While we’re not members or fans of the NAB (mainly due to cost of membership to return on investment ratio)…they are attempting to help with the following website and other means.   The cause is important. the effectiveness of the NAB in the cause is yet to be determined…whether they’re really trying to help, or simply trying to look good doing it.  Either way, click below on this picture and any of the headlines below it for more information from various sources and various headlines.


WION has proven to many listeners around the world that AM can sound warm, inviting, be offered in full analog stereo, and actually delight many people with it’s quality.  We’ve been in “stereo” over 10 years, and we’re the leader in quality sound ALL that time.  We get fan mail weekly about both our programming and how great our AM sound quality is!  It’s actual AM stereo you hear online, and locally on AM  S-T-E-R-E-O 1430.  The point is,  we need you, our fans, our listeners, our advertisers to pressure car manufacturers and all others who would have AM removed from those new, expensive vehicles.  After all, if you pay, for example, for a 90 thousand dollar truck, wouldn’t you WANT it to have a FULL radio system in it?  Here’s some of the proof that we NEED your voice!  Click the headline(s) below to learn how this is concerning to many people!
You can also sign the “change dot org” petition started by “big market” WABC radio. It’s THAT important.  Click the picture below this text to do so!


Former VP Mike Pence Joins Battle To Save AM Radio In Autos.




For full disclosure, WION does not agree with MOST of what the NAB  (National Association of Broadcasters) does, as, in our experience they don’t speak for the smaller broadcaster, however..this issue is universal to ALL local broadcasters so, we’ll credit them with the following resources and information.   Click on the headlines below to learn more online.

And, there are ways you can help!  The more voices the better.  Click on the headline below for an e-mail form that you can (and should) customize so it’s got YOUR words and thoughts about WION and other local stations’ importance to YOU and your FAMILY or business.   Let us know what you sent, and that you’re trying to help out!  

We appreciate your support of WION Radio, by your listening, visiting our advertisers, and spreading the word that local broadcasting, locally OWNED is alive and well.  PLEASE help our industry to have many voices defending AM radio in future cars that you may want to buy…..tell the manufacturers, tell the local dealers, and MAKE YOUR voice heard.