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Help Our Troops!

Hi there folks, its WION's Internet Manager Scott here! You may have heard Jim talking about Treasure For Troops on the air, which normally takes place in November.  This year because it will be the stations tenth year "Treasures For Troops" WION is shifting into gear a little early to make this the best one for the Blue Star Mothers ever and our troops. As many of you know I live in Connecticut, but I love Ionia and have WION […]

todaySeptember 28, 2023 6


The “Name Game” Text Topic!

We stumbled onto a rather fun topic today, of "names you don't hear much of anymore" which we put a more "positive" spin-on with "Names due for a Comeback!" The response to this by text and email was amazing!  Names we don't hear often contributed include: Reginald Gertrude Mildred Irene Gloria Inez Verna Vernice Melvin Marvin Eileen Hortense Roland Herman Dennis Millicent Ellen, Ethyl and Enid Eunice Merritt Lilian Marjorie Lecile (male) Arvilla Shirley Regina Pedro Phyllis, beulah, Myrtle, Manfred, […]

todaySeptember 19, 2023 18



For many years, WION Celebrated what began as "92-7 Night" at the Lamplight Grill.  It was a way of promoting the Grill and...our (then) new FM signal for Ionia County.  It became "WION Night" as we grew to add our 1003 FM in Lowell/Eastern Kent County and the streaming of our live AM stereo sound!  A HUGE thank you goes out to Rich Thompson and his Lamplight Grill for years of great gatherings on Thursdays in Downtown Ionia! Fast Forward! […]

todaySeptember 13, 2023 20

Jim Blog

What a Difference Nineteen Years Makes to a Radio Station!

Where have the years gone??  We've just passed our 19 year mark ....saving and reviving Ionia County's radio station. The re-birth of WION as "today's" I-1430, or AM Stereo 1430, or "America's Biggest Little Radio Station"...(pick your favorite descriptor) began in August of 2004. The station was off the air from the passing of the former owner and the timeclock running out.  When a licensed broadcast station is off the air a year with no "special temporary authority" extension,  the […]

todaySeptember 11, 2023 28


An interesting Wednesday……on the air and IN the air…

On Wednesdays, we call them, "WOW" where the J and J midday show celebrates "Winners on Wednesday.".....Today our contest is, "what's in Justin's Pocket!" I can be any color of the rainbow.... This one is purple Though man-made, I am most often seen in nature. Sporting equipment Later in the (night/evening)  you can take in something cool in the sky!  According to "Space dot com"....(text copied for your to On Wednesday (Aug. 30), one of the biggest and […]

todayAugust 30, 2023 36 3


Radio is STILL fighting to stay in your Dashboard!

The Radio industry, particularly "AM" radio (which WION really IS)....still has it's battles with the bigwigs at the big auto manufacturers. We've been in your dashboard for YEARS....for baseball games,top 40 hits, weather related announcements, talk-radio company, and the "local" flavor of many towns as you travel or visit. There's absolutely no reason NOT to be included in new vehicles, be they electric or hybrid, or gasoline powered.  The excuse of the "new" cars causing interference is a lie, as […]

todayAugust 23, 2023 26 6

Jim Blog

Kindness on a Back Road

A wonderful combination of (my definition) "Americana" and Kindness captured yesterday near St. Louis, MI on my way to pick up a transmitter from our engineer. I had to turn around and take the video and picture. These people had to bother PUTTING the old car on their lawn, stocking the "free" produce in the trunk, and make it inviting. Kindness on a back road. Nothing more.  Just that. Simple Kindness, and a refreshing scene for our current times.  

todayAugust 12, 2023 42 9


Feelings Can be Mailed!

WION has listeners all around the world, and one in England has contributed to our music library. One song missing from the libraries we bought 19 years ago was....drum roll please....."Feelings...woaw woaw woaw Feelings...." and, for fun, we played part of it from YouTube last time the title came up.  (We still have to pay to play it, so why not.)....  Thanks to international mail, and a very fun listener who tunes-in regularly, we now have our own copy on […]

todayAugust 10, 2023 48 24


WION Website Update

We hope you are enjoying our new website here at! Today we have made an update to our website which will greatly help our viewing impaired users.  Our now playing feature which shows the song title and artist has been updated so that it now works correctly with most if not all screen readers. Its a small update but a very important one for those who need it! It's just another reason why we are "America's Biggest Little Raido […]

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