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Congrats to the Oakwood Lounge, Pewamo-a place with GREAT Taste!

Tell the Oakwood you "read this on the radio!" I'm pretty picky about my burgers...and my Chili.  The Oakwood Lounge answers my needs in Eastern Ionia County with the BEST burgers since the Lamplight in Ionia!  We congratulate them on 1 year of being reopened...with GREAT service, a friendly environment, great food, and your favorite summer beverages, too!  Congratulations from WION! -Carlyle

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Jim Blog

What does Jim Carlyle do in his spare time?

You may have heard Jim Carlye on the radio over the past nearly 20 years talk about his love of "vintage" electronics.  The studios of WION have many vintage radios, some unique TV sets, and other oddities on display that came from his home when he moved to Ionia. Hello!  It's me, Jim. ...and the latest of my projects is two vintage TV sets from teh 1960's. They're appropriately called "roundies" in collectors' circles because of the picture tube.  For […]

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Have you read your WION-FM Car Radio Lately?

  A long time ago, in a station not so far away... WION had a system common to FM stations called "RDS" which is where you can read information on your (mainly) car radios about artist, title, or other interesting things.  A former engineer of ours wrote his own program, and for years we ran it...and we used to put birthdays on it, and other things.  We never had a chance to do artist and title, however due to available […]

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