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It’s Wednesday! What’s in Justin’s Pocket?

So, instead of trivia, for the second week in a row, our listeners are texting in guesses for "what's in Justin's Pocket!"   He started with "it's shiny" as the first clue.  His second clue was, "very cheap but extremely valuable!" We hope you enjoy Wednesdays trivia and other "games" on WION during the J and J Midday Show. We'll post the answer later right here!!! Some GREAT guesses via our […]

todayMarch 29, 2023 12


Found for Filing…WION HIstory

Where to file things? (alphabetically.) In a radio station, do you file the new FM antenna paperwork under "A" for Antenna,  "F" For FM, or "B" for Bext (the company from which we ordered antennas.) Do you file paperwork under the "item", the "type" of item, or the manufacturer? And, shall we file the following under "H" for History?  "W" for WION, or "S" for Sales materials? If you're a […]

todayMarch 28, 2023 11 1

Jim Rant

Creamy or Crunchy? Either! But Not While In-Flight

So, Raise your hands!  How many of you love peanut butter?  I try to keep 3 or 4 jars on hand.....because it's one of the food groups....Cheese, Peanut Butter, Bread, and Ranch dressing.  Well, you can love it, can no longer take a full jar on an airplane.  Yes, that's right....PEANUT BUTTER is now a no-no unless you take only 3.4 ounces or less.  Some sources on the web say that the "average" amount of peanut butter in a […]

todayMarch 27, 2023 15


It’s EXPO day in Lowell! 9AM to 2PM

It's rain and some "ice" here and there outside, so why not come to an event today that reminds you we're actually in SPRING today!   Stop by and say hello today at Lowell Area Schools!  We're set up and ready for this yearly "rite of Spring" from 9AM to 2PM.  There's plenty of area exhibitors, and lots of fun to be had!  Phil Cloud and im Carlyle are on-hand and […]

todayMarch 25, 2023 8