THIS attitude is why nobody’s wanting to work!

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This made the national news scene ove the weekend.

God FORBID you should (be asked to) show up to work on time.

We can’t ask that of any employee thse days. No, “fashionably late” is just fine…

(insert buzzer here.)

This is a NON WORK ethic, and I hope this young lady has just ruined her whole working career.  Love the (nearly, fake) tears like she’s being abused telling us about this.  It’s not about “workers’ rights” it’s about being a RESPONSIBLE member of society and actually a) finding something you’re good at doing for a job or career and b) Actually showing up to be WORTH being paid.

Would you (ever) hire someone with this young lady’s  attitude?

  It certainly wouldn’t work in broadcasting! I SHOULDN’T work in any credible job that requires “X” amount of hours of work starting at “X time of the day.

Let’s BAN the phrase “Time Blindness” with LSSU before it catches on any further. What a crock!  Sad that she’s getting coverage on this, but… the ONLY reason we post this is to show why many businesses are not able to hire right now.  (Some) Younger people want to sit at home and be “influencers” on the web, meaning getting paid to do NOTHING but sit on their rear ends.


I’m tired of workers’ rights not being prioritized in this country. And we’re entitled for suggesting it should be different… I don’t think so. #workersrights #employeerights #workers #capitalismsucks #capitalism #thesystemisbroken #fyp

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Written by: Jim Carlyle

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