Catching up! (It’s about time, right?)

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So, we created these blog pages so you can be up to date on things happening with the J and J Midday show and more…but, technology has been in the forefront of our focus lately, and the time available to write has been less.  I/we, at WION apologize.

The midday show is giving away freebies from the Ionia Freefair this week and next, so we hope you’ll listen and enjoy.  Our audience always grows during freefair as guests come to town to attend, and we welcome them to our listening audience on our AM Stereo 1430, or FM 92-7!

On “Text Topic Tuesday” we discussed your favorite cartoon or other “Saturday Morning” shows from when you were younger, as TV hasn’t offered similar in years…probably since the dawn of 24/7 networks devoted entirely to cartoons.  (Although we hear the mornings on Me-TV are pretty darn fun).  We also talked about how today’s “A-I” can, for amusement’s sake simulate a favorite singer of yours doing a cover of someone else’s song, even those quite different in style. For instance, Anne Murray singing AC-DC.  You chimed in with some GREAT combinations like these:

Burl Ives singing Alanis Morissette’s Ironic
Tiny Tim doing Metallica.
Johnny cash singing " we're not going to take it" by Quite Riot

Check back on this page often, I promise we’ll try to update more often. This is OUR social media. We own it, we operate it, and nobody can tell us what we can or cannot put up ON it….which is why we don’t have another social media page.  We don’t want to divide our audience over so many platforms, we have a live and changing platform, and, if you scroll back in thse posts, you’ll see we USE it!  Any break we took from it is owed only to things pulling us in other directions temporarily during technology issues.  After all, producing GREAT radio for you comes first!

Be kind to each other, the world needs more kindness!

Jim and Justin
The J and J Midday Show


Written by: Jim Carlyle

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