The Importance of AM radio in new Autos: Energy and Commerce Committee Hearing

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Jim Carlyle here.
I don’t agree with all the people, nor the way in which AM is being portrayed as “Emergency Services Need (only)”  But, if it gets automakers to retain AM in vehicles, my industry wins. However, the people both ASKING the questions (congress) and those representing AM in this hearing (the “panel” ) in my estimation were poorly prepared if not poorly chosen.  The “localism” presented by AM stations owned by operators who are active parts of their communities present a picture of  a piece of our country wherever you find one.

Nothing was said about contributions to local economies, employment, or the fact AM’s rich heritage continues on in stations like ours.  AM was not properly explained vs. FM (more than once)…and it’s not an AM vs. FM issue to begin-with.   The talk about “digital AM” only muddied the waters, as full digital AM is only operating in a handful of stations nationwide, and has limited listenership because standard AM recievers cannot “hear” that signal.  It really had no bearing on (Standard) AM in cars as an issue.

Words like “National Security” and “Minority” were used because they are now “buzzwords” and make the user sound important…..but were not supported in thier use.  This hearing  was a performance, not a real issue-resolver,  and it was a BAD performance.   I will, however,  reiterate,  “if it gets automakers to retain AM in vehicles, my industry wins.” (even if for the wrong reasons.)

This is my opinion, reflecting that of MY AM station, I am not claiming this to be the opinion of any of our supporting staff, announcers, etc.

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Written by: Jim Carlyle

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