To “Peep” or not to “Peep?”…that is the question…

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Well, one of our “text topic Tuesday questions.  Scroll to the bottom of this page if you’d like to “reply” to this page!  We wander through quite a few topics on Tuesdays, so don’t miss being a part of the J and J Midday Show.

It seems there’s no “in-between” where the Peeps-type of candy is concerned.  Our listeners have, as usual in our yearly chat about it been very vocal with their opinions.

Yes on the peeps ..especially peeperoni pizza
Good morning J&J!  Yes to peeps
 Peeps...eeewwww big no. Circus peanuts...yes!
Yes peeps. Ever put one in the microwave..
Peeps are disgusting. Eeeeww

And the conversation continues…..be part of the fun by “replying” below…(scroll down) …or text us at 616-527-WION

Oh, and in case you need a few reasons to dislike “Peeps”…visit this link…and you’ll have some!

Written by: Jim Carlyle

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