Odd Noises Likely this Weekend….Stay Tuned

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As of this Friday evening, our plan is to do some regular maintenance on equipment at our studios and our transmitter sites.  EVERY business needs periodic “tuning” of it’s equipment, especially in a 24 hour a day operation.   In our case this weekend brings:

Cleaning the AM Transmitter (Friday Night)
Cleaning our FM 92-7 Transmitter (time unknown)
Adjusting the sound of our AM Stereo 1430, FM 92-7, and our 100.3 in Lowell.


Tuning-up the entire audio path of WION….This means everything from the on-air control board through the processor(s) to our AM and FM transmitters.   This will mean after 9PM and likely well-into the night on Friday and Saturday, perhaps even Sunday evening,  you’ll hear beeps, bleeps bloops, sweeps, swoops, tones, and some very “non musical” stuff.  It’s all necessary to keep WION sounding great, and being the “Best sounding AM station in the Nation!”  

We apologize for any inconvenience, but please understand this is needed to keep us as the number-one talked-about AM stereo station in the United States.  You can’t google our call letters without seeing articles or videos about WION….and the progress we’ve made in turning this little station into a radio SHOWPIECE over the past 18 years.

So, please pardon our “audio dust” beginning Friday evening with the turning off of our AM for cleaning the transmitter…..as we do our “Spring Cleaning” physically and electronically at WION….we work hard to bring you a local station of which you can be PROUD.  It’s our goal to BE the very best we can, especially on our flagship AM (stereo) 1430….which shows the world how GREAT AM radio can sound.  We like to call it “Awesome Modulation.”  We sound so good the “big city corporate guys” are jealous of what we do!  (And we LOVE that!)


Written by: Jim Carlyle

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