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Where to file things? (alphabetically.)
In a radio station, do you file the new FM antenna paperwork under “A” for Antenna,  “F” For FM, or “B” for Bext (the company from which we ordered antennas.)

Do you file paperwork under the “item”, the “type” of item, or the manufacturer?

And, shall we file the following under “H” for History?  “W” for WION, or “S” for Sales materials?

If you’re a fan of M*A*S*H the series, you may remember that Radar filed the map to the minefield uner “B” for “BOOM!”

Anyway, I did some filing today in engineering, and…took photographs of this old sales folder.  It’s a neat piece of history….filed here under “I” for “interesting.”  Including some of the things…like calling collect….and the reference to “power.”

By the way, some may find it interesting that our coverage today is better than it was back then…24/7, with two FM signals and available worldwide on any device, anywhere.

Even today we get lots of texts and emails from people telling us about how great our AM Stereo sounds, (AM stereo was not thought of back when this folder was printed)….and some locals like to let us know when they travel how far they hear our AM! (before switching to internet listening.).

It’s neat finding this folder…now…under WHAT do I file it???

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th) for another chance to win from the Lamplight Grill, Bertha Brock Park, and WION during the J and J Midday Show!

Written by: Jim Carlyle

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