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Creamy or Crunchy? Either! But Not While In-Flight

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So, Raise your hands!  How many of you love peanut butter?  I try to keep 3 or 4 jars on hand…..because it’s one of the food groups….Cheese, Peanut Butter, Bread, and Ranch dressing. 

Well, you can love it, but…you can no longer take a full jar on an airplane.  Yes, that’s right….PEANUT BUTTER is now a no-no unless you take only 3.4 ounces or less.  Some sources on the web say that the “average” amount of peanut butter in a sandwich is two ounces. NO WAY.  Peanut butter was meant to be heaped onto bread, bagles, whatever use you find tasty. The TSA’s idea of how much you can have is absolutely insufficient and their new regulation absolutely stupid

Over the weekend, the news broke that Peanut butter in any of it’s different presentations is a LIQUID and therefore has to follow the rules the TSA has decided make our lives safe. It’s a sad time for our country…if not our world.  SO much money spent to keep us safe…and they’re worried about a peanut butter bomb.   

This opens the thought, what ELSE would be “liquid” by definition?  (A liquid can flow and does not have a specific shape like a solid. Instead, a liquid conforms to the shape of the container in which it is held.)

In a world gone nuts, the TSA leads the pack in government organizations with way too much time on their hands in which they can come up with new regulations.

Last I knew, the only time Peanut Butter is “Liquid” is when you put it on a hot piece of toast or a bagel. Maybe there should be no “toasting” on domestic flights?

More on this general story here!

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Written by: Jim Carlyle

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