Feature Programs' Schedule on WION (times approx.)
Charles Osgood, "The Osgood File"
Weekdays at 7:32, 8:32, 12:08 and 5:08PM
Sponsored by M1CCU
Mon-Fri in the WION "Noon Information Block" brought to you by Mark Jennings, CPA in Ionia!
Turntable Trainwrecks-just after Little known Facts M-F
CBS News updates: at the top of each hour!
Weekend features on WION:
Saturday 8AM and....you can
Listen a 2nd Time Sunday at 8PM
Saturday at 11AM, Sunday at 3PM
The Lost 45's with Barry Scott
Saturdays 6-9 PM
Sponsored by Advanced Pain Solutions in Ionia. This program is EXCLUSIVE to WION and is one on which you'll get HOOKED! Don't miss even one day's edition of "Turntable Trainwrecks."
Our Saturday morning visit with Randy Edwards is brought to you by Green Acres Retirement Living in Ionia!
"PROFILE AMERICA" Facts of "Americana" each weekday!