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Randy Edwards' hosts his show, "Edwards Archives" Saturday morning at 8 AM and Sunday Afternoon at 3PM on WION.  Randy is also our expert on Christmas music and does a special 3 hour "Archives" for us each year. He's been on the air continuously for many years in Northern Indiana (where he and Jim worked together) and in Northwest Ohio hosting a country-music based morning show for many years as […]


with Randy Edwards

Weekdays in the Noon hour, Randy Edwards concludes our noon "information block" by playing two songs back to back, which appeared on the same music chart, at the same time. They'll either be very similar, VERY different, or...have a common theme in name or story. The length of this feature varies, of course with the content of music, but the starting time of this unique show is about the same […]

Randy Edwards is our resident expert on 60’s and 70’s music.  He’s been on the radio for many years in Indiana, Ohio, and of course, here in Michign at WION.  He’s the host of “Edwards Archives” on the weekend, and…of the weekday feature, “Turntable Trainwrecks” both of which are exclusive to WION!

Randy came on board at WION having worked with Jim Carlyle at WLKI and WLZZ radio for a number of years. The feature called “Turntable Trainwrecks” actually came out of a phone conversation that Jim and Randy had about how there was fun in comparing tunes back to back…and, in the radio industry, a “Trainwreck” is something back to back with something else that gives you “musical whiplash” as the styles change.

Randy does his shows from his home studio, loves to hear from you… and can be reached via email anytime by texting our studios with “For Randy” in the body of the text. You can also email him directly at:

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